Vision-X-Future 2024 - DATA SUMMIT

The Format of the Vision-X-Future

Planning, Data & Cloud and Analytics: the most interesting Business Intelligence solutions at first hand: from the manufacturer, from the consultant, from the customer.

Highlights of the VISION-X-FUTURE in Frankfurt, October 2023

Vision-X-Future 2024

14 March 2024 - Zürich // 26 September - Frankfurt

The DATA-SUMMIT 2024: interesting use cases, live presentations of customer projects, exciting presentations, technology and strategy updates from Qlik / Talend and Jedox. Register now for free.

Experience the most interesting data management projects live

Industry Insights

Learn from large companies and medium-sized businesses how they have implemented successful BI projects - powered by HICO-Group

14 March 2024 in Zürich // 26 September in Frankfurt from 09.30 - 15.00 Uhr
Learn from applications we have developed for our customers

+ A modern data & cloud solution that can also work with the Excel dataset?
+ A Jedox planning solution for a large automotive manufacturer?
+ A Qlik Sense and TRUECHART installation for project control?

These and many more are examples of successful customer projects that we will present to you on March 14 in Zürich and on 26 September in Frankfurt.

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The managing directors of the HICO-Group invite you to a best-practice experience: Learn from exciting customer projects of the HICO-Group

What can the Microsoft Data Fabric do?

"Microsoft's Data Fabric is a comprehensive platform from Microsoft designed to help organizations effectively manage, analyze and derive insights from their data. This platform integrates various tools, services and technologies that cover the entire data lifecycle. Microsoft Data Fabric enables organizations to capture, store and process large volumes of data. The platform enables data to be integrated from multiple sources, such as databases, cloud storage, IoT devices and more. This allows companies to get a comprehensive view of their data and see connections that help them make better decisions. One of the key strengths of Microsoft Data Fabric is its scalability. Companies can customize the platform according to their growing data requirements and easily process large volumes of data. This enables efficient data analysis and opens up opportunities for real-time analytics, where companies can respond quickly to changes and trends. Microsoft Data Fabric also offers advanced analytics capabilities, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. These capabilities allow companies to build complex models to gain insights from their data, identify trends and predict future developments. This enables them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their business processes." Michael Schwan, CEO HICO Group

How Customer Centricity is measured with the NPS

"Customer Centricity is a strategic approach where companies put the customer at the center of their business activities. It is about understanding customer needs and expectations, improving their experience and offering products or services that meet their requirements. Companies can thus achieve differentiated positioning. Customer Centricity also involves actively listening to and incorporating customer feedback. To this end, we use the Net Promoter Score NPS, which provides measurable customer feedback in response to the question: would you recommend us to your best friend? By responding to and using customer feedback to continuously improve their products, services and processes, companies can drive innovation. Customers become valuable sources of ideas and suggestions, leading to a better customer experience and increased competitiveness. Customer Centricity is our philosophy and the foundation of our value framework, NPS our measurement method." Bastian Lossen, CCO HICO Group

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With this just one example of what we will be presenting to you. You can experience much more on 14 March 2024 in Zürich.

SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Stahlcenter AG: a self-service data visualization solution

“Qlik Sense gave us completely new insights into our company. Now we can analyze and visualize our data even faster and more flexibly, so we can understand it better than ever.“​

Andreas Koch

Head Finance/HR, member of the management board, SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Stahlcenter AG



A modern data warehouse solution and Power BI at MÖHL

Success Story at Möhl with talend DWH and MS Power BI

“The cooperation with HICO-Group was highly gratifying in every respect. Ben Gnädig presented a great overall concept, Perparim Mjeku is an experienced BI expert who delivered on cost and on time. Clear recommendation.”

Susanne Pollak
IT Project Manager




MENUBAR and TRUECHART at Siemens Smart Infrastructure

“When I first saw TRUECHART, I was impressed. The Qlik extension fits perfectly with my BI strategy for purchasing and frees up valuable time for operations.”

Nicolas Michel
Product Manager Procurement
Siemens Smart Infrastructure




Jedox in HR Controlling at Pernod Ricard

Success Story at Pernot Ricard with JedoxJedox HR Planning @ Pernod Ricard – powered by HICO-Group

“With Jedox, we set up an individual HR controlling system in a short time and can now analyze and plan personnel costs in detail. HICO Group provided us with optimal support in this process.”

Esther Genrich
Compensation & Benefits Manager
HR Controlling Pernod Ricard Deutschland GmbH



Second confirmed date for Vision-X-Future 24

26 September 2024 in Frankfurt

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