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Publication date: 20 May 2019

It was a pleasure meeting a lot of people at the Qlik Qonnections event last week. We are very thankful for all the great feedback on our TED-certified trueChart and our QlikSense menubar software. As we celebrate the TED certification of our Qlik Sense menubar, our entry into the Qlik Global Technology Partner Program, and our success as an Emerald Sponsor of this year’s Qlik Qonnections event.

trueChart is a scalable, Enterprise-class Business Intelligence solution:

Get a powerful, scalable solution that integrates and extends the functionality of your preferred Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms. trueChart’s capabilities and benefits come from 5 integrated modules and is designed to help business users quickly and easily define and see the answers they need from complex Business Intelligence data.
trueChart enables faster and better decision-making across your entire organization

  • Enable IBCS® in your BI Platform
  • Make faster and more informed decisions
  • Create comprehensive reports & dashboards
  • Create cross-platform templates & comments
  • Boost the data literacy within your organization
  • Get 1 license for all your BI Platforms
Qlik Sense Enhancement Pack

In addition to the cross-platform benefits, trueChart also extends the Qlik Sense platform specifically with powerful menubar navigation, dynamic table functionality and comprehensive screen layout optimization tools.
Easily create “mashup”-like views and layouts from within the native Qlik Sense environment. In addition to supporting NPrinting, trueChart also fully integrates with Mail & Deploy’s advanced printing solution for Qlik Sense. This includes multipage table (pdf, word) and data (excel) exports including formatted comments, and also selective export of defined layout cells.

Improved Navigation and
Report Access

menubar enables improved navigation and allows users to find and access reports more quickly then before.
Advanced Filtering

Use the advanced filtering tools to help find exactly what you need to find, when you need to find it.

Intuitive Report Access & Site Hierarchies

Using complex site hierarchies you now have better control and more intuitive report accss.


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