How Often Should Enterprises Measure Their KPIs

Decision-makers get company performance reports regularly. But, if they do not measure that information against something else, they cannot determine whether the company met a particular goal or not. Quantifying a company’s current performance through key performance indicators (KPIs) will provide a framework from which a company’s progress can be assessed. Numerous companies find it … Continued

What Is the ‘Golden Number’ of KPIs?

KPIs are more than just numbers that are reported regularly. They measure and track progress towards achieving a specific goal. They allow any organization to understand the performance and health of the overall business so that critical adjustments can be made to achieve the company’s strategic goals. Deciding on KPIs can be tricky, as this … Continued

What Makes a KPI the Right KPI? (ROKS®)?

Quantifying your business’ performance through key performance indicators (KPIs) is the best way to measure progress, growth, and, ultimately, success. However, choosing the right KPIs comes with a number of challenges and hidden traps. It’s quite easy to choose the wrong KPIs to focus on and track the incorrect metrics. Yet, even a very simple … Continued

5 Perspectives of Data Analytics by Today’s Business Leaders

For a lot of businesses today, data analytics represents just a collection of plain numbers that don’t make much sense. For others, is a vital tool used to improve business operations, services, and performance. Data analytics has numerous benefits and purposes for any sized business. Looking at the situation from an idealistic perspective, analytics should … Continued

Why Are KPIs So Important? Here Are 10 Good Reasons

Numerous companies are in the dark regarding how their business operates. They do have some insights into the performance of their business, but they are still somehow stuck with an idling company wondering where problems lay. Using Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs is the best strategy for measuring the successes and failures of your business. … Continued

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