Proactive measures for AI security: A critical need for organisations

The urgency of addressing AI security within organisations cannot be overstated. As AI technology rapidly advances, employees are increasingly turning to private AI services without formal policies in place, putting sensitive corporate data at risk. Organisations must take immediate action to implement AI security measures, as failure to do so will leave them vulnerable to … Continued

Structured vs. Unstructured Data: Challenges and Opportunities for Language Models

Currently, most discussions around data-driven AI are centred around structured and unstructured data. This has become more pronounced since Large Language Models (LLMs) such as GPT-4 entered the scene. When we talk about structured data, we refer to data with a specific structure— such as databases and spreadsheets. These are highly organized information systems with … Continued

Optimizing Qlik and Talend for Enhanced Data Governance

Data governance refers to the overall management of the availability, integrity, usability, and security of data within an organization. It involves the establishment of policies and procedures to ensure that data is accurate, consistent, and reliable. Data governance also includes mechanisms for data lineage, data classification, and data access control. However, without a robust data … Continued

Budget-Friendly Analytics: For Offshoring Teams

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, offshoring has become a popular practice for organizations looking to reduce costs while maintaining efficiency. Offshoring teams, whether they handle customer service or software development, can greatly benefit from incorporating analytics into their operations. By harnessing the power of data, offshoring teams can optimize their processes, improve decision-making, and … Continued

Ensuring Data Security in Offshore Analytics Projects

Data security has become a crucial concern for organizations across various industries. This is particularly true for offshore analytics projects, where sensitive information is often transmitted and stored in remote locations. Understanding the importance of data security in offshore analytics is essential for organizations looking to protect their valuable assets and maintain the trust of … Continued

Crafting Your ESG Roadmap: Insights from Data-Driven Decision-Making

ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, refers to the three key factors that measure an organization’s sustainability and societal impact. These factors are essential to address, as they hold the power to shape corporate reputation, attract investors, and drive long-term value creation. In today’s rapidly changing world, businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance … Continued

JANUARY 2023: HICO-Group Business Intelligence Outlook 23

By using business intelligence tools and technologies, companies can make better decisions and improve business performance by collecting, analyzing and visualizing data from multiple sources. And there’s much more to BI than that: BI helps: Companies can make data-driven decisions based on objective information and facts. This leads to better informed decisions and a better … Continued

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