APRIL 2021: Information Design According to IBCS®

Did you know that about 65% of bad business decisions stem from incorrect or misinterpreted data? To prevent this from happening, more and more companies started implementing data visualization that allows them to have an insight into data relevant to company growth. However, the problem with data visualization is that raw data is presented to … Continued

APRIL 2021: What Is Next for Augmented Analytics?

Data analytics used to be incredibly challenging for businesses to set up and run. To be fair, it is quite a lengthy process – from integrating various data sources and preparing them for analysis to actually analyzing the data and communicating the insights across the company. Recently, Business Intelligence (BI) tools advanced to the next … Continued

MARCH 2021: 15 of Our Favorite Quotes on Data Analytics

Who doesn’t like a good quote? We come across interesting and motivational quotes in literature, movies, or even news. What makes quotes so valuable is that they often tend to underline a key point or support an important truth. Even though it may seem a bit unusual, there are so many quotes on Data Analytics … Continued

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