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The rapid pace of technological advancements requires a skilled workforce

The UAE faces several challenges in its digitalization efforts, despite being a leader in technology adoption in the Middle East. Switzerlands HICO-Group offers world leading data management expertise backed by state-of-the-art solutions of Microsoft, Jedox and Qlik. You can trust in professionals with the right skills in areas such as planning, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Swiss Quality Data Management

Swiss professionals are known for their high level of expertise and proficiency in various fields, especially in business intelligence. Our strong educational background, skills, and experience can contribute to successful BI implementations. And: Switzerland is often associated with innovation and advanced technology. Swiss BI experts may bring cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to the UAE, helping businesses stay competitive and efficient.

They trust in us

Major corporations place their trust in us, as we operate internationally, providing consulting services globally. Our team of certified consultants excels in planning, analytics, and data and cloud services, ranking among the top experts in our field in Switzerland and Germany.

We are dedicated to assisting you in establishing the digital economy in the UAE, inspired by the thriving business ecosystems and innovation centers within the country.

Swiss Quality Consulting

You deserve the best experts

We heard from Business Intelligence (BI) users in UAE that they identified a severe lack in quality consulting. The UAE could benefit from engaging the best BI experts from Switzerland for several reasons: Swiss BI experts are highly skilled and well-educated, with a reputation for excellence in their field.

Additionally Switzerland is recognized for its innovation and leadership in technology. BI experts from Switzerland bring innovative approaches and the latest technological advancements to help the UAE stay competitive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

And the most important reason: Swiss professionals are rightly associated with precision, attention to detail, and a meticulous work ethic. So: let´s go!

Michael Schwan, CEO HICO-Group

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Our Bi-Experts on stage

Stefan, in 3 sentences: why is Jedox in UAE the state-of-the-art method in planning?

Jedox is considered state-of-the-art in planning in UAE due to its adaptability to the dynamic business environment in the region, facilitating agile and responsive planning processes.

The platform's localization features and support for multiple currencies cater to the diverse economic landscape of UAE, ensuring accuracy and relevance in financial planning.

Jedox's user-friendly interface and cloud capabilities align with the technological preferences of businesses in UAE, promoting efficient and collaborative planning practices.

Stefan Spielvogel, Lead Consultant Planning, HICO-Group

Dawid, in 3 sentences: why is Qlik in UAE the state-of-the-art method in analytics?

First of all, because of its Associative Data Model: Qlik uses an associative data model, allowing users to explore and analyze data without predefined paths. This enables a more flexible and intuitive approach to data discovery, making it easier to uncover insights and relationships in the data.

And because of its In-Memory Processing: Qlik's in-memory processing capabilities enhance the speed of data retrieval and analysis. This is crucial for businesses in UAE looking for real-time or near-real-time insights, especially in dynamic and fast-paced industries.

Qlik provides robust data visualization capabilities, allowing users to create interactive and compelling dashboards. This is valuable in UAE´s business landscape, where clear and actionable visualizations can aid decision-making processes. TRUECHART is the best extension for that purpose.

Dawid Marchiniak, Principal Consultant Qlik, HICO-Group

Ben, in 3 sentences: why is Talend in UAE the state-of-the-art method in data and cloud?

Talend is recognized globally for its open-source data integration and cloud capabilities, providing a unified platform for seamless data integration, quality, and governance.

Its adaptability to various data sources and cloud environments, coupled with a user-friendly interface, could contribute to its effectiveness in addressing data and cloud needs in UAE´s evolving business landscape.

For the latest and region-specific insights, it's recommended to consult recent sources or local experts in UAE.

Ben Gnädig, Lead Consultant Data & Cloud, HICO-Group

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