Real-time data point specific collaboration

How collaboration and visualization of your data stock can significantly facilitate cooperation within the company and thus avoid misinterpretations

Why do companies need dashboards?

Dashboards show how the company has performed in the past and how it is currently performing. Dashboards also show how the company should/could be managed in the future.

What are the most important questions we need to answer with a dashboard?

Are the results good or bad? What is the delta? What is the benchmark? Why are the results the way they are? What should be derived from the results?

What are the biggest risks of looking at a traditional dashboard?

ACCURACY: is the data correct and complete? INTERPRETATION: is the information understood correctly? FASTNESS: do the decision-makers react quickly enough?

What should a dashboard do?

CLARITY: Dashboards provide clear answers to the most important questions. UNIFORMITY: They convey the same message to everyone with no room for interpretation. COLLABORATION: They enable teams to collaborate on data points. ACTION: They translate data into insights that lead to action and facilitate decisions.

The relationship between data stock and data use

We all learned how important and essential teamwork is, and what happens when it is missing, when Corona brought the global economy to a standstill. This experience led to a new way of working together, which was a big challenge for many companies at the beginning.

Online communication and the lack of collaboration in the office hit many employees hard at the beginning. A noticeable decrease in effectiveness, was the result, fueled by a lack of technical equipment, which directly affected productivity. Today, the new system has successfully settled in, and remote work and remote collaboration are part of the new normal.

Working together in the data and on data points is now no longer a problem thanks to modern software. Not only the common understanding of the facts plays a major role, but also the interpretation-free visualization of the data.

TRUECHART is a collaboration software for Qlik and Power BI that visualizes the analysis results according to IBCS® and opens up a new dimension in data point-related communication with extensive commenting, annotation and chat functions.

Collaboration and visualization of data in real time

Communicate as a team directly to data points with TRUECHART

Save comments, opinions, and insights directly to the relevant data points to create more understandable and situational reports. This kind of collaboration helps you understand the interpretations and explanations faster - regardless of the platform you use. You thus keep the overview at all times!

With TRUECHART, your team is able to store the information and insights directly to the respective data points and thus all relevant information can be immediately mapped, namely directly into the reports and dashboards to enrich analysis results and provide actionable insights.

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Power BI

Enable IBCS® in Microsoft Power BI - Create cross-platform templates and comments - Collaborate and make faster, more accurate decisions - Increase data literacy within your organization - Protect your investment with our cross-platform solution - Only 1 license for MS Power BI and all your other BI platforms


Enable IBCS® in Qlik - Create cross-platform templates and annotations - Collaborate and make faster, more accurate decisions - Increase data literacy within your organization - Protect your investment with our cross-platform solution - Only 1 license for Qlik and all your other BI platforms


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