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Post-COVID Era: How to Build a Winning Digital Strategy

Publication date: 30 August 2021

The COVID-19 crisis has globally changed the way businesses across sectors conduct business. During the pandemic, consumers shifted dramatically toward online channels, and companies were forced to respond to that change.

To remain competitive in this new business and economic environment, many companies were forced to embrace digital transformation and completely reinvent their business strategies.

More cloud-based integrations. Heaps more data acquired and managed online. More new, more digital processes.

At its core, digital transformation is the use of modern technology to incite change within an organization that will enable it to continue its growth. The first step toward successful digital transformation, like any other change that must have a positive and long-term impact on business value, is to develop a solid strategy.

So how do you get there? Let’s talk.

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What Is Digital Strategy, and How Can You Create a Winning One?

Before you start…

Let’s talk basics. Enterprise Digital Strategy is a blueprint for digital initiatives centered on deploying digital technologies to improve business performance. 

This is accomplished by creating new products or reimagining existing processes.

To survive in the digital world, an organization must prioritize adopting and integrating igital solutions into their business strategies when developing an enterprise digital strategy.

What’s the catch?

While technology is an important component of digital transformation, focusing solely on technology is insufficient. Why? 

Because using cutting-edge technology may seem like a great plan at first, but without a strong strategy, it will fail. Quickly. 

Also, because at the core of every successful business strategy are people – your business partners, employees, and most importantly, customers.

What’s key?

The foundation of your Enterprise Digital Strategy must include digital natives. Developers, designers, marketers, strategists, and so on… People who are capable of reinventing your entire business. 

After assembling the right team, the next step is to integrate the strategy into their work. This is achieved by choosing the right platforms such as cloud servers, content management systems, data analysis, or AI systems. These will all be based on your organization’s goals and needs. 

Once you choose the platform, you should identify your digital products that will help further develop your digital strategy. Your digital products may include apps, wearables, responsive websites, IoT smart products, augmented reality experiences, etc.

What are the benefits? 

A proper digital strategy can reshape and benefit every aspect of the enterprise, as it will lead to high-level policies, business priorities, investment limits, innovative problem solving, and achieving long-term goals. 

Also, as a result of implementing a business transformation strategy, businesses can expect to see increases in employee satisfaction, customer engagement, and business innovation.

Bottom line is, the COVID-19 crisis pushed companies past the technology tipping point, and those who wanted to survive were quick to adopt digital transformation technologies and Enterprise Digital Strategies. 

What to remember?

Again, focusing solely on technology is not enough, as the integration of your employees, customers, and business partners into your digital strategy framework is also important. 

Remember, digital is a tool, and strategy is a way to achieving a business goal.

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