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Publication date: 29 March 2021

Our HICO family is expanding! From Limburg an der Lahn, across the West Coast of America, all the way to HICO – we bring you the story of one of our newest colleagues, Mischa Kaltz. Last December, the ambitious and solution-oriented Mischa joined us at the position of BI Consultant Data Estate. We took a chance to ask him a few questions and get a glimpse into his work, life, and everything in-between.

What is your favorite thing at HICO, Mischa?

I like the way we work together as a team. I appreciate the opportunity to learn and gain more experience in BI from senior colleagues, which are always open to feedback and discussions.

What made Data Estate so interesting for you to make it a career calling?

The diversity of the job. The challenge of the projects. The opportunity to work with great companies. And on top of all that, I get to do it together with great colleagues which makes work even a better place.

What is your favorite thing about being a BI Consultant?

Finding solutions for our customers and making them satisfied is what fulfills me. And then, of course, working on data warehousing, which is my favorite thing to do. 

Are there any challenges in your work you can highlight?

The biggest challenge is to satisfy our customers. It can be frustrating finding the perfect solution for a customer, no matter what they need. But that challenge is also the biggest reward, because when you invest so much time and effort to satisfy the customer and the result is exactly what they need – that feels awesome. I want them to be happy with our work and to appreciate it. This is very important for me and this can be very challenging.

What would you say is the current biggest trend for Data Estate?

Obviously, Cloud is still a hot topic, especially now with everyone going remote. However, I do believe that in the future more focus will be put on keeping the data secure. There needs to be a “right” way to save data to the Cloud, and it could be one of the biggest challenges in the future.

And how do you see that unfolding, given the 2020 pandemic situation?

If anything, Cloud and Data Estate solution adoption is accelerating nowadays. It can only get even faster and greater in the future, if you ask me.

Speaking of last year, did you pick up any new hobbies since the pandemic started?

Yes! I started doing woodcraft. I found it very interesting and I decided to give it a shot. I am currently working on a little project using epoxy resin to build a so-called “River Table”. I also like to play Squash in my free time.

That sounds interesting! If you were invisible, where would you go right now?

To the Borussia Dortmund stadium! I miss watching football matches live.

We agree! Is there anywhere else you’d still like to travel?

Yes! I would like to go to Italy. Prior to the pandemic, I was actually an avid traveler. In 2017, I have fulfilled my dream of taking a road trip across the West Coast of the USA. I visited San Francisco, LA, Santiago, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. It was really a dream come true.  

Well, we certainly wish you the best of luck, Mischa! Hopefully, we can join you on that trip to Italy soon!

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