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Publication date: 19 April 2021

The position of a Customer Solution Assistant is a job with many hats, which our Jenny seems to wear with style. For more than a year, Jenny has been spreading the positive atmosphere in our company. Naturally, we were interested in what sparks the motivation behind this contagious positivity…

My colleagues! At HICO, we have this great team spirit through and through. Everyone is so nice and always ready to help. Another thing I really appreciate is the feedback. We are always on track with how we are doing and are appreciated for the good job that we do. This is what is driving the motivation in the company, I think.

As your position requires to be prepared for many diverse tasks, could you share your favorite things to do in your job? What is the most interesting thing about it? 

I love the fact that it never gets boring, as I do so many different tasks on a daily basis. One of my favorite tasks to do is writing invoices. Surprising, I know! We’re also always on the hunt for best practices, new solutions, and better processes. This often comes in handy during our projects, as there is almost always something that we can do better. It is challenging, but even more so exciting!

Speaking of which, what are some of the challenges you deal with every day?

Probably the ordering of licences from our partners when sellers want to sell new licences. There are different ways to go about this task, and I often myself in situations I’ve never been in before – situations that get me to “think outside of the box”. This can be challenging but the way I see it is: if it’s a new opportunity to learn, it’s an opportunity I appreciate. 

Are there any of such opportunities you “miss” during home office?

Well, I started my journey at HICO just a few months before the pandemic hit. During that time, we had many face-to-face meetings and much more day-to-day tasks. Since then, it’s become much more important to focus on the work “behind the scenes”, project and crisis management, and the balancing of work and private life in our new home office. 

Oh, and does any “new thing” stick out to you, in particular?

I’d say finding a way to manage both my work and parenting, since my daughter was home-schooling. It was yet another challenging opportunity that pushed me to learn more about effective time and task management.

Awesome! Now, onto more positive things… Can you name someone in your industry whose content you really enjoy following?

Nina Heim.

What is something about you most people don’t know?

I worked in the Sports and Health industry before I joined HICO.

What is one thing about you that you think everyone should know?

That I am very talkative and like to help where I can and have knowledge. People can talk to me about anything.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Funny. Kind. Easy-going.

If you were invisible, where would you go right now?

To Italy. To enjoy the beach and the sea. 

Name one thing you really could NOT live without.

My daughter.

Name one thing you really could live without.

My smartphone.

Last question… if there is one thing you wish everyone in the world could do in 2021, what would it be?

Stay healthy! And… go out to dinner dates. 🙂

Well, we couldn’t agree more, Jennie! Thank you for this wonderful conversation.

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