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Publication date: 12 April 2021

Great teammates and an atmosphere where you can learn every day are what HICO provides and what our colleagues seem to like the most. In this People of HICO story, our colleague Florian Mutter shares his thoughts about the future of BI Consulting and challenges that are common for the job of a Senior BI Consultant.

First off, congratulations on two years at HICO, Florian! 

Thank you very much!

As we normally start off these interviews, could you tell us your favorite thing at HICO?

Oh, easy! The team! I love the drive and motivation that all of my teammates have! I also feel proud that the software solutions we push forward – both self-developed (TRUECHART) and our partners (Qlik, Jedox, TimeXtender, and others) – have a huge impact on the data analytics programs of our clients in different industries. 

And out of all the software you just listed, are there any favorites?

For me, it’s Qlik! I think solving complex problems that involve Qlik is easily my favorite thing to do in my job.

What would you say is the biggest challenge in solving such problems?

Getting it done in time! Each customer has different problems. These problems can be very complex and I expect from myself that I solve those in a timely manner. So, I’d say the pressure one puts on oneself. It can be tough but it is always rewarding. 

You know what they say: every challenge is a new opportunity to learn. Speaking of which, can you recognize any “visible” opportunities in this post-pandemic world of BI?

Well, everybody claims they want AI and complex analytical buzzwords but the truth is they still work mostly with MS Excel. The opportunity I see personally, is that more and more customers are taking the plunge into commiting to developing a DWH solution (with us) as a solid foundation for further BI/Analytics. 

And in the next 5 to 10 years, do you see any other “big” changes in BI?

Self Service BI, for one, and just much more automated processes that today take quite a long time. For example, scripting routines that will turn into wizards to click instead of having to code logic. A lot of tasks that BI Consultants/Developers have to do repeatedly could be made easier (automated) in the future, leaving more time for other topics. We can see such trends already in the tools we offer to our customers.

Okay, time for some fun questions! If you were invisible, where would you go right now?

Probably to some beach in Asia, so I don’t have to quarantine.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

BBQ-ing and (hopefully) rubber-boating on the Limmat river.

Favorite movie.

The Wolf of Wall Street.

Favorite TV show.


Favorite book.

5am Club, by Robin Sharma.

Name one thing you really could NOT live without.

Internet – I need it for everything.

Name one thing you really could live without.

Material things, like a fancy car or something like that.

Most exciting piece of technology.

Neuralink by Elon Musk.

To end this interview, any piece of advice you could share with our readers?

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.“ – Jim Rohn.

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