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Publication date: 27 September 2022

The HICO Group family is constantly growing, and from each of our colleagues, we learn something new. We are facing new challenges daily in our jobs, and they prepare us for more complex situations.
As Marius says:

“We do not grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.“

And we could not agree more! Now, let’s talk about HICO!

HICO Journey

I joined the HICO family back in October 2021! Before that, I went through a bachelor’s and master’s degree and gained working experience in multinational corporations.
I must say I highly appreciate the working culture and all of my lovely colleagues.

And regarding my line of work, working in BI means no day is like another. Every day is challenging and brings new things to explore or learn. I also enjoy being in the “zone”, meaning working on something incredibly intensely while almost forgetting time and space.

In BI you can do sooo much and it’s a great feeling when you surprise a customer with a fantastic or innovative solution. 😉

Industry trends

I expect BI to be more automated and predictive with data. I assume BI tools do want to be more straightforward and easier to use. Also, like everything in IT, I assume a further trend and push to the cloud.

About Marius

I grew up and am currently living in the eastern part of Switzerland.

And yes, we have the best Swiss dialect. 😉

I would say I am a straightforward, objective, decisive person.

Fun fact about me: I visited over 40 countries.

Technical and digital things catch my attention. Currently, I am in the process of making my apartment a well-connected smart home. Besides, I love football, I enjoy exploring new and exciting places, I like learning new things such as languages and another passion of mine is competitive gaming.

Rapid Fire Questions!

What is the most interesting thing you’ve read this week?

Australia is wider than the moon.

What is one thing you learned during this year that you are most proud of?

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Where would you go right now if you were invisible?

To a haunted house, scare the workers, because karma.

Most exciting piece of technology?



Climb the mountain so that you may see the world, not so that the world may see you.

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