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5 Ways a BI Consulting Company Can Help Your Business

Publication date: 11 February 2021

Nowadays, all companies collect a staggering amount of data. But, for the majority of businesses, this data is not evaluated and used. Plain data doesn’t mean much to the company. However, there is a way to convert this seemingly meaningless data into a useful format.
Bastian Lossen CCO Managing Partner HICO

Business intelligence (BI) refers to the analysis of information to help optimize business decisions. Nowadays, more and more businesses are hiring BI consulting companies to handle all their technical requirements.

A BI consulting company adds value to a business by collecting essential data, improving reporting, and enhancing decision making. And, it is well-known that making better decisions undoubtedly leads to better results.

There are numerous ways a BI consulting company can help a business, such as the identification of new business opportunities or even reduced company costs. Here are a few other ways a company can benefit from the proper use of business intelligence.

1.     Improved Risk Management

There is always an element of risk involved with any business. However, if a company knows how to make use of its business intelligence, all risks can be reduced to a minimum. Let’s say that a company is looking to launch a new product. By combining their internal data with external data (e.g., market trends), the company will have a complete picture of possible outcomes. As a result, all decisions will be based on evidence and are more likely to result in positive outcomes.

2.     Prepare for Seasonal Variations

For some companies, sales fluctuate at different times of the year. Businesses that take advantage of BI can analyze their historical sales data and, along with external data, they can predict any sales variations in advance. By doing so, a company can take steps to reduce costs and maximize sales.

3.     Optimize Products

Analyzing business intelligence allows companies to track revenue and compare how well their products and services perform. By understanding which products/services are the most successful, companies can better understand their customers’ preferences and requirements and then adapt their offers to better meet customers’ needs.

4.     Improve Operational Efficiency

Paying attention to data can reveal if there are any issues in the company’s operations. Businesses can use this information to make changes to their products, processes, or even people and improve their operational efficiency.

5.     Better Expense Management

With the power of business intelligence, a company can find trends in its costs and expenses. By analyzing this data, a company can discover some unnecessary costs and eliminate them. Or, they may notice opportunities for improving the companies expense process in general.

It is important to keep in mind that a good BI consulting company goes far beyond reporting and visualizing data. A consulting company ensures a robust set of tools used to evaluate the gathered data, identify inefficient business procedures, and provide adequate solutions.

HICO Group can help your company strategically implement all your data and push your business far beyond its competitors. If you are ready to boost your data analytics, warehousing, or planning capabilities, our team is ready to lead you every step of the way.

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