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In today’s highly competitive business landscape, understanding and prioritizing customer needs is essential for long-term success. Key word is CUSTOMER CENTRICITY. To truly excel in customer orientation, organizations must go beyond basic satisfaction metrics and delve into the realm of customer loyalty and advocacy. This is where the Net Promoter Score (NPS) emerges as a game-changing tool. NPS offers a unique approach to gauging customer sentiment and serves as a powerful compass for driving customer-centric strategies. We use NPS as a key driver of customer-centricity.

Our NPS is 54, well above the industry average. Why? Our customers tell their stories:


Efficient visualization with TRUECHART and Qlik Sense @ SIEMENS

“When I first saw TRUECHART, I was impressed. The Qlik extension fits perfectly with my BI strategy for purchasing and frees up valuable time for operations.”

Nicolas Michel
Product Manager Procurement
Siemens Smart Infrastructure



Efficient visualization with TRUECHART @ Deutsche Telekom

“From our point of view the project is a great success, highlights in the reports are the commenting functions and the visualizations according to IBCS® standard. We are consistent in the presentation, have a very high level of automation and have thus achieved our goal of updating and providing reports and dashboards very quickly.”

Klaus-Peter Starkloff,
Project Manager
Deutsche Telekom



DATA & CLOUD – a modern Data Warehouse Solution and Power BI @ MÖHL

“The cooperation with HICO-Group was highly gratifying in every respect. Ben Gnädig presented a great overall concept, Perparim Mjeku is an experienced BI expert who delivered on cost and on time. Clear recommendation.”

Susanne Pollak
IT Project Manager




Faster and more comprehensive Analytics Results @ VOIT

„Within a very short period of time the HICO-Group consultants, together with the IT experts from VOIT, setup a Qlik Sense environment that accelerated the previous processes many times over.”




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