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JAN: 22. Data Warehouse automation with TimeXtender | German

We give you the answers to the five most important questions in the area of “Data Governance”.

Why should you attend?

Are you wondering whether your current BI solution complies with the applicable rules of GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, or Basel II?If so, do you have corresponding automated processes to perform verification quickly and easily? In this Online-Seminar we will show you how easy and swift it can be thanks to state-of-the-art technology, as well as how it applies in the data processing area, especially regarding compliance.

What can you learn?

We will give you the answers to the five most important questions in the area of “Data Governance”:

  • Automated documentation: How can you automatically prove what data you are using and where you are storing it?
  • Traceability: How Discovery Hub from TimeXtender provides the information about where the data comes from and how it is processed.
  • Security: How Discover Hub easily manages data access, how it can be sustainably documented and tracked.
  • Aggregation: How to ensure complete documentation including anonymization of personal data.
  • Information Life Cycle: Independent of the current system environment, relevant information is ensured and can be documented. Discovery Hub offers full version control, security mechanisms and traceability.


Start: 10 AM
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