JUN, 13.: Quick Wins in ESG Reporting

In this online seminar, we will show you how to use TRUECHART, our Qlik and Power BI extension, to create your ESG report quickly, easily and automatically and visualize it automatically according to IBCS(R). Why you should take part? “ESG is an obligation and not a nice-to-have” The Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate … Continued

DEC, 12.: Modern Data Management and Analytics with Qlik and Talend

Modern data management and analytics with Qlik and Talend is a comprehensive approach to handling data integration, preparation, analysis, and visualization using these two powerful software platforms. Here’s what it entails: What will you learn? We talk about Data Integration and Preparation: Talend provides robust data integration capabilities, allowing organizations to extract, transform, and load (ETL) … Continued

JUL, 31.: Cloud strategies for medium-sized businesses

For medium-sized businesses, moving to the cloud can bring significant benefits, including increased flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency. However, choosing the right cloud strategy is critical to maximizing these benefits while addressing specific business needs. We show you key strategies. What’s coming up? Needs analysis and goal definition: before making decisions about cloud services, carefully … Continued

OCT, 31.: How to benefit from AI in Data Management

In data management, AI technologies offer numerous opportunities to automate processes, gain insights and increase efficiency. Why should you take part? We show you how you can benefit from AI-based data management in your business areas. Automation is only one part of the huge playing field: Automation of data integration and cleansing: AI can help … Continued

September 26 – Vision-X-Future 2024 – the DATA SUMMIT in Frankfurt (German)

Business Intelligence use cases and BI solutions The DATA SUMMIT September 26th in Frankfurt: Interesting use cases, live presentations of customer projects, exciting presentations, technology and strategy updates from Qlik/Talend and Jedox. Find out from large companies and SMEs how they have implemented successful BI projects – powered by HICO-Group LEARN FROM APPLICATIONS THAT WE … Continued

GERMAN NOV: 21. – 23. Jedox Report and Database Specialist Training – ONLINE (18)

Training Content Day 1: Jedox Specialist (210) Basic analysis creation and planning functions with Jedox. Learn the basic concepts of Jedox data management, Jedox analysis creation and data entry. Day 2: Jedox Report Specialist (211) Advanced analysis and planning functions. Deepen your report design skills! Use element and data functions to create your individual reports … Continued

GERMAN NOV: 14. – 15. Jedox Integration Professional Training – ONLINE (13)

Training content Jedox Integration Professional (356) Data integration and automation of loading processes Data quality is critical to the success of a business intelligence project. Extract, transform and load your data automatically from different sources with Jedox. The Jedox Integration training course offers the right start. Costs & Cancellation The training takes place on 2 … Continued

GERMAN NOV: 28. – 29. Jedox Report Professional Training – ONLINE (18)

Training Content Jedox Report Professional (306) Dynamic creation of web reports with spreadsheets Performance management whenever and wherever you want? Mit der Jedox-Software sind Ihre Planungen, Analysen und Berichte im weltweiten Netz verfügbar. Lernen Sie als Jedox Specialist, wie Sie Ihre Geschäftsapplikation mit Jedox Web erweitern. This training is the right way to get started. … Continued

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