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Move from a patchwork of tools to a complete data management platform

TimeXtender Discovery Hub is a data management platform that helps prepare and manage data for analytics and AI – without writing code –automating the process of getting documented data in the right place, in the right form, and ready for analysis.

A common axiom in data science is that in most cases, 80 percent of a data scientist’s time is spent simply finding, cleaning and reorganizing huge amounts of data. And in a 2018 study conducted by TDWI, 48% of respondents reported that they spend over 60% of their time finding and preparing data for data and analytics projects.
The Discovery Hub accelerates time to data insights by 10x .

5 Data Management Steps

What can companies do to reduce the time spent on finding and preparing data for analytics and AI?

Evaluate putting your data in the cloud

Businesses need to make today’s decisions with an eye to the future. For too long, businesses have rolled out IT initiatives only to see their new advancement become outdated on day one. The idea of future proofing, along with the uncertainty of predicting needs for data volume and technology progression, is pushing companies to the cloud. Moving to the cloud also helps companies align their modern toolset with their approach.

Consider a layered approach

Different types of users require that data be made available for analytics and AI in different modes. For instance, data scientists typically require raw data that has not been cleansed, but data analysts want to work with data that has been consolidated, rationalized and cleansed. Business users of visualization tools need governed semantic models with documented data sets.

Use a meta-data driven method

In a report by Gartner – “Predicts 2019: Data Management Solutions” – the authors encourage readers to make the strategic planning assumption that “By 2022, organizations utilizing active metadata to dynamically connect, optimize and automate data integration processes will reduce time to data delivery by 30%.” Gartner says “Most organizations continue to struggle with provisioning integrated and curated data from heterogeneous data sources to data consumers, to support their data and analytics use cases.”

Pursue automation

Companies are recognizing the benefits of data automation and moving towards automating everything that can be automated within the data life cycle. There’s a disconnect between available resources and the number of projects on IT’s plate. Add to that the fact that projects, especially data projects, are becoming more complex, and it’s clear that companies are faced with a predicament. Automation helps solve the constraint of a lack of resources.

Contemplate compliance

If you are not afraid (of compliance issues for your data) - you will be. GDPR has been in effect in the European Union since May 2018 and as of the end of 2018 many believe that 50% or more of companies based in the EU are not yet compliant. Privacy and security rules like HIPAA or PCI may impact your data depending on your industry and many expect that GDPR-like rules will be implemented around the world.

See for yourself why 3,000+ customers from 94 countries trust Discovery Hub® by TimeXtender to accelerate time to insights by to 10x.

Discovery Hub® is everything you need to connect to various data silos, catalog, model, move, and document data for analytics and AI.

With Discovery Hub® you’ll be able to:

  • Gather data in raw form and structure for use in advanced analytics and AI
  • Create a modern data warehouse with access to data that is improved, enriched and consolidated
  • Build semantic models for self-service analytics

... all in one place.


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