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How much confidence do you have in the data for decision-making in your organization?

Executives have absolute confidence in the data they work with. This is where Talend can help.

Data rules the world, but data itself is still poorly understood. Companies often don’t know what data they have, where it is and who is using it. Even more seriously, they have absolutely no way to measure the health of their data, that is, to assess how well their data supports business goals.

Talend has many years of experience in solving this problem: simple, powerful, flexible and scalable software. Talend rose to industry leadership with the introduction of its enterprise Big Data solution and also pioneered the industry’s shift to the cloud. Today, Talend is a pioneer in Data Health, helping organisations of all types build better data agility, data culture and data resilience.

Why Talend?

Make decisions based on healthy data

Health - also for your data

Talend helps you deliver healthy data across the enterprise. So you can finally transform decision-making in your business. Drive business results with a unified platform that meets your data needs at any scale and complexity. As a cloud-independent solution, Talend helps organisations seamlessly leverage any cloud provider or on-premises data.

Reach insightful findings faster

With the Talend Service Infrastructure, made up of Talend services and a network of partner services, you are able to gain insights quickly and flexibly. Collaborations with Snowflake, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other partners ensure seamless performance of your data infrastructure. At the same time, the partnership with the HICO Group helps to drive the digital transformation in your company faster.

Make a decision you can really rely on

Talend Data Fabric data integration bundles integrity and data governance into a unified platform to deliver healthy and resilient data to your business.

Make sure your data is relevant and not just accessible

It can be difficult to collect the right data from different sources. Doing so at the speed your business demands is an even greater challenge. Talend offers a unified approach that combines fast data integration, transformation and mapping with automated quality checks to ensure trustworthy data at every step.

Get better data with less effort

Talend Pipeline Designer is a web-based self-service application that processes raw data and enables its analysis. Create reusable pipelines to extract, enhance and transform data from almost any source. Then route them to the target system of your choice, where they form the basis for dashboards that serve your business insights.

Get a quick picture of the state of your data

Talend Data Inventory provides instant insight into the trustworthiness of any data, transforming data quality and curation into a systematic, automated discipline. Make decisions with blind confidence thanks to Talend's clear Trust Score, which allows you to identify and diagnose any issues with your data at a glance. Talend Data Inventory locates data silos across data sources and creates reusable and shareable data assets. Make your data traceable with a shared inventory from Talend Pipeline Designer and Data Preparation, and keep internal processes clean with simple data set documentation. Talend Data Inventory comes with a powerful search function and an overview of data sets and their origins, making it easier for you to find and understand your data. Inventory, curate, prepare, consume and share data - all from a single, centralised source of trusted data.

Use your data instead of cleaning it up

Data and business analysts spend too much time cleaning data instead of analysing it. Talend Data Preparation provides a browser-based, point-and-click self-service tool to quickly identify errors and apply rules that can be easily reused and shared, even with large amounts of data.

Make data a team sport

Thanks to the intuitive user interface and self-service functionality for data preparation and curation, anyone is able to profile, cleanse and enrich data in real time. Users can share their prepared and curated datasets, as well as embed data preparation into data integration processes in batch, bulk and live scenarios.

Data replication in real time

Integrating large amounts of data from multiple sources into a central data lake or data warehouse can be a cumbersome process that involves data loss, laborious manual programming and delayed insights. Talend Change Data Capture gives teams non-intrusive and real-time enterprise-grade CDC capabilities that can be seamlessly deployed in any hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Gain insights in real time

Teams with limited access to up-to-date data are unable to turn insights into action in real time. Talend Change Data Capture gives organisations all the benefits of faster and easier data replication. This is achieved through non-intrusive integration into a central and consistent platform that provides greater speed and control.

Let new data live in your world

With Stitch, you can replicate data in cloud data warehouses so you can quickly build on analytics, make better and faster decisions. With pre-built connectors to more than 100 data sources, Stitch is a fully managed, scalable service that lets you query new data in minutes. Accessing all your data doesn't have to be a worry. Stitch accelerates your business intelligence projects with connectors to more than 100 SaaS applications and databases, with support for the leading data warehouse providers in the cloud, including Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift and Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics.

Get more out of your Business Intelligence

With a simple, wizard-like user interface and query-ready schemas, anyone on the data team can easily get started and work with new data sources. Instead of spending valuable resources building the infrastructure of your data strategy, your analysts and data engineers can invest their time in gaining insights that are critical to your decision-making processes.

Data management challenges - the Talend Data Fabric is the solution

With a data fabric, you can manage the collection, governance, integration, control and sharing of data across the organization.

  • Provide a single environment through which all data is captured and accessible – regardless of where and how it is stored. With a data fabric, data silos can be eliminated in a sustainable way.
  • Simplify and unify data management – including data quality improvement, data integration, data governance, and data sharing and exchange. Eliminates the need for multiple tools and enables organisations to access more trusted data faster.
  • Greater scalability, ensuring adaptation to growing data volumes, data sources and applications.
  • Easier to use the cloud by supporting on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments and migrating between them faster.
  • Reduced reliance on legacy infrastructures and solutions.
  • Future-proof the data management infrastructure by allowing new data sources and endpoints, as well as new technologies, to be added to the data fabric architecture without disrupting existing connections or deployments.

The Talend Data Fabric provides the full range of capabilities that modern data-driven businesses need:

  • Talend provides a unified environment that meets all requirements. It also helps transform raw data into trusted data. Data from different sources can be easily imported, integrated and cleansed.
  • Talend generates optimised code natively – in Java / Spark / SQL – when building data pipelines. Users therefore benefit from the advantages of all leading platforms, such as AWS, Azure or Snowflake. Combined with Talend’s 1,000+ built-in connectors and components for leading applications and environments, this makes both working with code and building pipelines easier.
  • In addition, the Talend Data Fabric is compatible with various systems. Data can be read and integrated from on-premises back-office environments, such as Oracle and SAP, as well as from cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or Snowflake. New cloud-based technologies, such as the following, can be used very easily: Containers with Docker and Kubernetes, Advanced Analytics with Databricks, Qubole, Spark or serverless computing.
  • With Talend Data Fabric, data quality is built into every step of data management – whether …
    • Data is discovered and ingested.
    • Talend is used for data stewardship and roles are defined for data cleansing.
    • Data provenance needs to be tracked to ensure compliance and integrity.


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