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Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft has been one of the leading providers of BI software for years.

Microsoft Power Platform combines various tools which enables you to gain new insights and increase the value of your company data.

Tools and services are at the forefront of Microsoft Power Platform. This package includes the powerful analysis tool Power BI, which can be automated by Microsoft Flow. The trio is rounded off by PowerApps, a tool that makes it possible to develop your own apps.

Why use the Microsoft Power Platform?

The platform consists of several components that provide a powerful interaction between tools and services: Combine Power BI’s analytics and flow automation with PowerApps to create customized and beneficial business applications.


Create company-specific apps in no time that logically connect data. Publish your app to the Web, iOS, Android, and Windows 10.


Analyze your data through interactive dashboards from multiple sources and leverage the insights you need to drive your organization forward.


Automate your business processes without programming knowledge with Microsoft Flow and create added value from hundreds of additional apps and services.


Create apps for your organization in the shortest time possible

With the help of the point-and-click method, an intuitive and easily understandable approach is adopted. This enables all stakeholders in your organization, whether business analysts or developers, to create an app for all major platforms. A large selection of templates and layouts will help you to achieve your results even faster.

Create innovations

PowerApps offers a pool of pre-built app scenarios and an option to create your own scenarios as well. Thus, inventions from all areas of your company can be created and implemented without expensive development costs.

Powerful management of your data

Common Data Services (CDS) enables you to store and manage data securely. Use the CDS to create data definitions that are aligned to your business for use in the app. The ability to customize the data model to business needs allows for an agile extension.


Improve your insight with Power BI

Gain instanteneous insights about what is happening in your organization and how it is developing. Create visual representations and dashboards from multiple data sources in minutes. Allow for quick decision making thanks to visually appealing data presentation.

Power BI – comprehensive possibilities

Analysis with Power BI promotes collaborations between individual users. Reports and dashboards can now be securely shared locally and via the cloud and viewed from anywhere and anytime. Your customized solution is up and running in no time, as Power BI easily integrates with your Microsoft solution.

Interactive reports for faster insights

You already know the Microsoft environment through Excel and Word.  Grasp through and feel at home with Power BI and its ability to perform sophisticated analysis in an Excel familiar environment. There’s no limit to importing data, because no matter where you store it, you can access your data to create meaningful reports and visualizations.


Automate your apps with Microsoft Flow

Automation has never been easier! Automate your business processes with the help of Microsoft Flow, which is convincing with more than 200 connected sources. With efficiency in automation and in applications, processes can still be designed simply. Thanks to the integration of SharePoint and OneDrive, processes can be monitored, stopped and changed from anywhere, anytime.

Make your PowerApps smart

With Microsoft Flow you design the logic – lets cite the flows for PowerApps. Instead of writing code for your business logic, you can use the point-and-click Flow Designer. You can then use buttons, data entry, or actions to execute, pause, or delete the flows.

Quick access through pre-defined scenarios

Use numerous templates from the Microsoft Flow Gallery and customize them according to your wishes with the help of an intuitive editor. You can also create your own scenario which includes parallel branches, conditional logic and loops.



Our experts help you gain deeper insights with Microsoft, by combining human intuition and machine intelligence during the analysis process.

Best Practice

Implement best practices for better business solutions for measurable performance improvements for your business.


For over 17 years we develop, guide and build solutions for our customers. With the help of an IBCS-compliant BI and CPM consulting, we improve and optimize your decision-making processes.

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