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In order to continuously broaden our horizons, we cooperate exclusively with the best-in-class partners and software developers, thus providing you with outstanding solutions.

Mail & Deploy

Analysis and reporting go hand-in-Hand: with Mail & Deploy, Qlik can serve as a single solution for both interactive analytics and reporting, allowing organizations to explore data in order to extract insights and share information with anyone.


AKQUINET is the largest owner-managed IT company in the German-speaking world. We develop sustainable IT solutions for selected market segments in close cooperation with our customers, in order to meet their specific needs and challanges.


NodeGraph provides you with the tools to visualize, analyze and understand your Qlik environment in an intuitive way and let you focus on making better decisions.


NPGeoMap is an analytics Qlik extension, employed to represent relevant data values in accordance to their geographic regions. This allows for detecting data correlations that cannot be shown in forms of tables or graphs alone.


OmegaLambdaTec offers a comprehensive expertise in data science as an integrated service. This way, our clients can focus solely on the core tasks while exploiting their data potential to the fullest.


ebiexperts develop augmented products for your Business Intelligence environments. They are specialists in lifecycle management, change control, quality management, publication management and audits. Their products have been implemented with agility in mind in order to support all types of environments and processes.


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