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Cloud Architecture vs. Cloud Teams: What Skills Do You Need?

Publication date: 22 January 2022

Making the switch to the Cloud can be one of the most rewarding but also headache-inducing projects for a company. If done correctly, the benefits and opportunities are significant, but if executed badly, fixing the mistakes can be more costly than the entire project.

Per CIO, the lack of in-house skills is one of the top inhibitors of cloud programs.

In addition, the State of Cloud Strategy Survey from HashiCorp found 41% of respondents listed the in-house skills gap as an issue, while 57% said the overall skills shortage is a top cloud challenge.

In this article, we explore the top five skills needed for a successful cloud strategy.

Top 5 Essential Skills for a Successful Cloud Strategy

It’s important to recognize that the cloud is still relatively new. Unlike many other tech developments, it has created a skills gap where there used to be none.

To navigate these uncharted waters, you need to ensure your team has the right key skills.

Here are the top five skills needed to migrate (and stay) in the cloud successfully.

1. Cloud infrastructure knowledge

Cloud infrastructure skills are essential for companies looking to configure and deploy a robust networking solution that aligns with their business objectives.

To make the migration successful, you need at least one employee with expertise in cloud infrastructure or data estate solutions.

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2. Cloud networking experience

The performance of your infrastructure will be dependent on how well it is connected to the rest of the world. Make sure there’s at least one specialist with experience in Cloud networking and distributed systems mechanisms.

3. DevOps knowledge and automation skills

Once your company is ready to work in the Cloud, it’s critical to have at least one team member who understands DevOps and automation skills.

According to a survey from RightScale, 93% of companies that have implemented a cloud strategy use some kind of automation tools – a pretty compelling reason for you to consider this skill set.

4. Project management skills 

While most IT projects require a lot of project management, it’s especially important when implementing a cloud strategy. Your company needs to manage everything from network monitoring and security to business continuity and disaster recovery in the Cloud.

5. Analytical thinking skills

When moving your infrastructure to the Cloud, your team members need strong analytical thinking skills. To make the right technology moves, your team needs to be able to assess costs and understand how different solutions impact assets.

Cloud teams need a range of skills that can’t necessarily be obtained from a single individual. So while having at least one specialist in each area is important, it’s also vital to ensure your team members can work effectively together. 

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How Should Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) Leaders Address The Cloud Skills Gap? 

The cloud skills gap is an issue that many companies are quite likely to face when migrating to the Cloud. It’s important to coordinate your cloud efforts across the entire team and organization to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Here is how I&O leaders can address the cloud skills gap:

  • Promote from within. To reduce turnover and build strong technical teams, create development and growth plans for employees in technical support jobs.
  • Pair programming and self-paced learning. To allow for one-on-one training, team up more experienced and less experienced personnel on tasks.
  • Take advantage of training programs. Leverage training and certification programs provided by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and third parties.
  • Learn by deploying and collaborating. Use the Cloud to test new deployments and operations, and encourage teams to share what they’ve learned along the way.

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