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Publication date: 5 August 2021

Working while being a Master’s student can be a daunting task, albeit perfect for the multitasking brain. Add remote work to the mix and you’ve got yourself a combination that puts effort, productivity, and results at the top of the key. 

One such fine example of young wits and fortitude to do the most in any given situation is our Chaima Meddah, a work student aka kickass BI Consultant at HICO-Group, who arrived at our company just a couple of months ago. Where from? Berlin. Or Bizerte… Wait, that’s in Tunisia. Actually, we’ll let Chaima clarify this in her People of HICO interview.

Welcome to the team, Chaima! Now, after a couple of months, what first impressions can you share about the company and the team? 

Hello! First off, thank you very much for having me. I have been here for two months already, and so far I love how everyone is so nice and connected with one another. There are so many impressive colleagues! 

I love the opportunity to learn new tools and technologies, but also having space to express my ideas and thoughts. Even though I work remotely (since I live in Berlin), everyone is always ready to help and provide me with the support I need, no matter what the issue is.

That is so nice to hear! And you are originally from Tunisia, right?

Yes, that is correct. I was born and raised in Bizerte, Tunisia. However, I moved to Germany for my studies when I was 19.

How cool is that?! Any other interesting facts about you we should know?

Hmmm… I am a patient, hardworking overthinker! 🙂 I can be an introvert at times. What else? Uh… I speak four languages – and I want to learn more! I believe that language is the key to new adventures, new experiences, and perspectives.

Wow! You are truly a hidden gem! What (or who) inspires all of this?

My father. My hero and my inspiration. Even though he is not in our life anymore, he was the one that always kept me moving forward and his life’s success story will always serve as an example to me.

That is very nice, thank you for sharing that with us, Chaima.

Let’s get back to the topic of HICO and BI, what do you say? What made this particular job – a BI Consultant – particularly interesting to you? 

I think there is something about providing clients with the right solutions and seeing them excited about new technology that fills me with joy. I always get this rush of adrenaline when I need to speak with them or show them something new.

Wonderful! On the other end though, is there something you are not really fond of? Something that challenges you?

Well, finding the balance between my Master’s studies and all the related projects with HICO can be quite challenging for me. However, this indeed has helped me to become more organized and to have more control and discipline in my daily schedule and everyday life. 

To be honest, there are way more pros than cons in my work. Since I started working at HICO, I’ve gained experience in new technologies – Qlik Sense and TRUECHART being two of the top ones. Every time there is an area for discussion and feedback, I always have the freedom to express and share my ideas, which I find very valuable for the learning process. 

Oh yeah… even though it is an important part of my work, I find the documentation part my least favorite thing to do. Add one more minus to the list, LOL!

Haha, we agree! Learning can be quite a complex and challenging process. Actually, are there some more technologies that you enjoy following and learning more about?

I enjoy following SQLBI. Whenever I had some doubts in creating or understanding some DAX or SQL Functionalities, SQLBI was always there for me. The content is excellent and very well explained. Also, the LinkedIn Learning Platform is really good, especially with the oriented Workshops offered there, and I like the fact that you can receive a certificate at the end.

That sounds super interesting and useful at the same time! So, out of all the BI tech that is out there, could you choose your favorite?

That would be SSAS/ Microsoft SQL Analysis Services, which is a big part of the Microsoft BI Platform. The purpose of SSAS is the preparation, evaluation, and modeling of data that is distributed across a wide variety of data sources and tables. The end results are used for informed decision-making.

Awesome! Now, if you agree, we can play our (kind of already popular) little game called “Rapid Fire Questions”, where I ask you a bunch of questions and you respond as quickly as possible. Sounds good?

Yes, let’s start!

Okay, here we go. First question: What is your favorite summer activity?


What is your favorite winter activity?

Zumba… When I want to be sporty. 

Name one thing you really could NOT live without.

My books.

Name one thing you really could live without.


Work or sleep – which do you do more nowadays?

“Work and study” because I just had exams.

Did you pick up any new hobbies since the pandemic started?

I have been Jogging since the pandemic started. It sounds like a cliché, but it worked out very well for me and I’ve kept myself disciplined until now.

Favorite movie.

Interstellar/Freedom writers. 

Favorite TV show.


Favorite book.

The Disoriented, by Amin Maalouf.

It feels weird saying this… but we’re only a few months away from 2022. Is there something you’re looking forward to toward the year’s end?

Finishing my thesis – only one step ahead! Then, I will be fully ready for a new chapter in my life!

Well, amen to that! To ask you one more question before we leave, could you share your best piece of advice with our readers?

Your only limit is yourself and your state of mind. If you believe in something strongly, you will achieve it, no matter what life puts in front of you. This is not a wonderland; you have to give effort in order to build something in life.

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