Data are like bikinis

What they reveal is suggestive, what they conceal is decisive.

26 October 2023 - HILTON Frankfurt City Center - HYBRID-Event: Live in Frankfurt and ONLINE via TEAMS (German)

This event is part of the "Vision-X-Future 2023" in Frankfurt and covers the topics Data&Cloud as well as visualisation and collaboration with TRUECHART - an innovative platform for visual data presentation and collaboration that accelerates decision making. You can register for the event to attend both breakout sessions to learn about the latest developments and best practices. Come along and take advantage of the opportunities!

Data is not information, information is not knowledge and knowledge is not understanding. (Clifford Storr)

But: data is a double-edged sword. Despite the enormous value of data, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and use it effectively:
+ Increasingly complex data environments: 400+ data sources.
+ Strict data protection regulations: 7x increase in GDPR fines.
+ Increasing demand for data: 73% of executives want to be able to control via data
+ Data experts are in demand: 50%+ are approached weekly by headhunters

Data management and Data Use

Learn from large companies and medium-sized businesses how they have implemented successful DATA & CLOUD projects - powered by HICO-Group

26 October 2023 - HILTON Frankfurt City Center and ONLINE (German)
These 3 areas are necessary for a successful strategy

+ Data Integration: Get your data to the target quickly and agilely.
+ Application and API Integration: Establish a data culture that is more accessible, shareable and understandable for all.
+ Data Integrity and Governance: Ensure data quality, data accuracy and data compliance; create trust in your data.

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Data Driven Business Success

Data Integration

Make sure your data is relevant and not just accessible

+ Make complex and large data sets manageable
+ Save your limited data-engineering resources
+ Reduce your dependency on institutional knowledge
+ Create a single source of truth
+ Increase internal efficiencies and make data widely available to all business units

UNIVERSAL: Integrate virtually any data type from any data source to any data destination, both on-premise and in the cloud.

FLEXIBLE: Create data pipelines once and run them anywhere - including Apache Spark and the latest cloud technologies - without vendor or platform lock-in.

COMPLETENESS: Unite data integration, data quality and data sharing in a single unified solution that is easy to deploy and use.

Data-driven business results

Data integrity and data governance

+ Identify trusted data across the enterprise
+ Achieve compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA
+ Close security gaps and stay compliant

Get more out of your data quality and governance solution

CONNECTED: Bridge the gap between IT and other business units with self-service applications for classifying and documenting data.

SHAREABLE: Make finding and using data easy and engaging with shared management capabilities.

AUTOMATED: Integrate data quality, stewardship, preparation and cataloguing into your data pipelines.

"You should not miss out on this"

The managing directors of the HICO-Group invite you to a best-practice experience: Learn from exciting customer projects of the HICO-Group

TRUECHART is the best analytics extension for Qlik and Power BI

"This is how we started: we wanted to build the best extension for Qlik and Power BI and become the market-leading software with comprehensive commenting options and visualisation in the IBCS(R) standard. And we are well on the way to achieving this. In addition to highly satisfied customers from small and medium-sized enterprises, Siemens and LSG also use our extension and recommend it to others. You can't get a better compliment than that. With KPI-CHAT, the WhatsApp of data points is also on its way to the Champions League, I'm glad we backed the right horse here." Michael Schwan, CEO HICO-Group

Data & Cloud Solutions: Use instead of buy and any scalability

"At the beginning of cloud computing, I had security concerns about storing data outside the EU. Today, what big cloud providers like AWS offer is above the security issue, the benefits are limitless: not only do clouds offer data access from anywhere and enable secure off-site data backups, the biggest gamechanger is the issue of using software building blocks instead of buying them and developing them further yourself. Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) cloud computing, combined with the benefits of arbitrary upscaling and downscaling, that's the real revolution." Bastian Lossen, CCO HICO Group


With this just one example of what we will be presenting to you. You can experience much more on 26 October 2023!

A modern data warehouse solution and Power BI at MÖHL

“The cooperation with HICO-Group was highly gratifying in every respect. Ben Gnädig presented a great overall concept, Perparim Mjeku is an experienced BI expert who delivered on cost and on time. Clear recommendation.”

Susanne Pollak
IT Project Manager


Welcome Coffee & drinks
Welcome Coffee & drinks

in the foyer at the HICO Marketplace. Meet the experts from HICO Group

Welcome, presentation of the clients and the projects
Welcome, presentation of the clients and the projects


Panel discussion Customer projects: Initial situation, solution, result
Panel discussion Customer projects: Initial situation, solution, result

Speakers in consultation


3 customer projects will be presented in parallel in breakout sessions. Participants are free to choose.


in the Hotel-Restaurant

Coffee and Networking
Coffee and Networking

on the market square. Dine with the speakers and ask your questions.

Wrap Up, Closing
Wrap Up, Closing

Summary, opinion poll End

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