Post-COVID Era: How to Build a Winning Digital Strategy

The COVID-19 crisis has globally changed the way businesses across sectors conduct business. During the pandemic, consumers shifted dramatically toward online channels, and companies were forced to respond to that change. To remain competitive in this new business and economic environment, many companies were forced to embrace digital transformation and completely reinvent their business strategies. … Continued

Quick Guide to Financial Analysis: Consolidation, Forecasting & More

Financial analysis is inevitable for assessing a company’s performance and making recommendations about how it can improve going forward. In addition to financial analysis, companies also rely on consolidation and forecasting for a detailed overview of their business performance. This article will cover the basics of financial analysis, consolidation, and forecasting to present the vital … Continued


Working while being a Master’s student can be a daunting task, albeit perfect for the multitasking brain. Add remote work to the mix and you’ve got yourself a combination that puts effort, productivity, and results at the top of the key.  One such fine example of young wits and fortitude to do the most in … Continued

How Often Should Enterprises Measure Their KPIs

Decision-makers get company performance reports regularly. But, if they do not measure that information against something else, they cannot determine whether the company met a particular goal or not. Quantifying a company’s current performance through key performance indicators (KPIs) will provide a framework from which a company’s progress can be assessed. Numerous companies find it … Continued

What Is the ‘Golden Number’ of KPIs?

KPIs are more than just numbers that are reported regularly. They measure and track progress towards achieving a specific goal. They allow any organization to understand the performance and health of the overall business so that critical adjustments can be made to achieve the company’s strategic goals. Deciding on KPIs can be tricky, as this … Continued


Could you give us a short summary of the persona of Andreas Rudolph? After a wonderful childhood, super school years, and Economics studies, I started my career in the Marketing department at the Bose Corporation. A great company! After that, it got even more exciting in Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Leasing, where I first worked in … Continued

What Makes a KPI the Right KPI? (ROKS®)?

Quantifying your business’ performance through key performance indicators (KPIs) is the best way to measure progress, growth, and, ultimately, success. However, choosing the right KPIs comes with a number of challenges and hidden traps. It’s quite easy to choose the wrong KPIs to focus on and track the incorrect metrics. Yet, even a very simple … Continued

Business Intelligence Consultants: What Do They Do?

A Business Intelligence Consultant, also known as a BI Consultant, is in charge of enhancing a company’s internal operations through consulting and data-related activities to gain a competitive advantage. Those activities might be related to data analytics, planning, warehousing, etc. But, what exactly does a BI Consultant do, and what are some of the day-to-day … Continued

5 Perspectives of Data Analytics by Today’s Business Leaders

For a lot of businesses today, data analytics represents just a collection of plain numbers that don’t make much sense. For others, is a vital tool used to improve business operations, services, and performance. Data analytics has numerous benefits and purposes for any sized business. Looking at the situation from an idealistic perspective, analytics should … Continued

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