The World of Data in 2022: What Can We Expect?

The world of data is constantly evolving, and in 2022, we can expect to see some interesting trends in data analytics, data management, and all that follows. What roles will data play next year? And, what should you do to set up your company for success? Here are just a few of the emerging data … Continued

5 Common Traits of Highly Successful Business Intelligence Teams

Business intelligence (BI) teams have become increasingly important in mid-to-large organizations over the past decade. BI teams are responsible for analyzing data to help make better business decisions. As such, they need to be highly successful for organizations to achieve their goals. Importance of BI Teams in an Organization In order to make decisions, organizations … Continued

What Are the Biggest Pain Points of Data Management? (2021)

Every company strives to provide products and services to customers in a timely and effective manner. Today, big-data-driven insights are responsible for much of that speed and efficiency. However, many of those companies continue to struggle with appropriately acquiring and analyzing their data, making data management a stumbling block. In this article, we explore the … Continued

5 Things to Know When Choosing a Data Management Model for Your Business

Every business should consider data as one of the most valuable corporate assets. Improved business decisions. Marketing campaigns. Operational efficiency. Cost savings. All with the goal of increasing revenue and profits. When it comes to data usage, smaller businesses frequently rely on reports generated within the individual software platforms they use for day-to-day operations.  However, … Continued

Let’s Talk Priorities: Custom KPIs & Setting Business Goals

Why KPIs Matter Each business must establish specific objectives and determine the most effective method for tracking progress toward achieving them. Revenue and profit reports provide a snapshot of your business, but they do not indicate where and how performance can be improved. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to assess an organization’s performance against … Continued

Post-COVID Era: How to Build a Winning Digital Strategy

The COVID-19 crisis has globally changed the way businesses across sectors conduct business. During the pandemic, consumers shifted dramatically toward online channels, and companies were forced to respond to that change. To remain competitive in this new business and economic environment, many companies were forced to embrace digital transformation and completely reinvent their business strategies. … Continued

Quick Guide to Financial Analysis: Consolidation, Forecasting & More

Financial analysis is inevitable for assessing a company’s performance and making recommendations about how it can improve going forward. In addition to financial analysis, companies also rely on consolidation and forecasting for a detailed overview of their business performance. This article will cover the basics of financial analysis, consolidation, and forecasting to present the vital … Continued

How Often Should Enterprises Measure Their KPIs

Decision-makers get company performance reports regularly. But, if they do not measure that information against something else, they cannot determine whether the company met a particular goal or not. Quantifying a company’s current performance through key performance indicators (KPIs) will provide a framework from which a company’s progress can be assessed. Numerous companies find it … Continued

What Is the ‘Golden Number’ of KPIs?

KPIs are more than just numbers that are reported regularly. They measure and track progress towards achieving a specific goal. They allow any organization to understand the performance and health of the overall business so that critical adjustments can be made to achieve the company’s strategic goals. Deciding on KPIs can be tricky, as this … Continued

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