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Business Intelligence: The Tale of the Tools

Publication date: 3 February 2021

Regardless of a company’s size, analyzing information and taking action for the right KPIs is now easier and faster than ever, thanks to the abundance of business intelligence tools.

Every business, along with its customers, produces mountains of data that contain evidence such as market trends or purchasing patterns.

By analyzing that evidence, a business can better understand its customers, ensure continuous growth, and protect itself against pitfalls.

The importance of data has never been greater, and companies are constantly on the lookout for the most efficient method to generate, track and compile business data. Traditionally, business intelligence takes the form of quarterly or yearly reports. However, a fair share of business intelligence tools appeared recently on the market that work continuously and allow a company to make well-informed decisions on a more regular basis.

What Are Business Intelligence Tools?

Business intelligence (BI) tools are designed to help companies derive insights from data and make informed and strategic business decisions. After carefully compiling and analyzing all the data with the help of BI tools, a company can identify market trends, improve decision making, locate new revenue potentials and business opportunities, report genuine KPIs, and increase operational efficiency.

Business intelligence software operates by collecting and processing large amounts of data from internal and external systems, including various files, documents, journals, books, and numerous other sources. With the help of business intelligence tools, not only can businesses amass data but also prepare it for analysis so that reports and data visualizations can be created.

The Benefits of Business Intelligence Tools

Data discovery and analysis used to be limited to the expertise of analytics specialists. Now, it is something every company can do on its own if equipped with the right tools. Here are the most significant benefits of using business intelligence tools.

BI tools bring together valuable data.

Both small companies and large enterprises collect data from various portals, databases, APIs, flat files, and much more. Business intelligence software allows the company to manage the sources and better understand the collected data efficiently. By doing so, every decision a company makes will be well-informed and based on evidence.

Manual tasks are eliminated.

Once a company starts using business intelligence software, there will be no more need for spreadsheets and static presentations. BI tools automate all these manual tasks and provide real-time data. Making reports or presentations becomes incredibly easy and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

BI tools reduce costs.

According to a BI survey, more than 50% of business intelligence users reported that business intelligence tools helped them reduce costs and increase revenues. With the help of BI tools, companies are able to carry out planning, analysis, and reporting processes faster than before.

Regardless of a company’s size, analyzing information and visualizing the right KPIs is now easier and faster than ever, thanks to the abundance of business intelligence tools. If you need assistance with data management, don’t hesitate to contact HICO-Group. We help revolutionize industries and solve business intelligence problems efficiently along the entire value chain, supported by our best-in-class analytics, estate, or planning services, and more.

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