Planning with Artificial Intelligence

Planning 4.0: high-value forecasts using artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics Our brain processes 11 million sensory sensations per second, which amounts to incredible 1,728,000 sensations processed in 12 hours, out of which only 40 are consciously perceived. But how to determine which one of them is important? Our passion for identifying the relevant KPIs … Continued

trueChart for QlikSense ®

Enables faster and better decision making across your entire organization. Companies need the agile ability to immediately discover key insights and be enabled to rapidly take informed and data-driven action. trueChart is designed to do just that for businesses where consistency of reporting on key information is critical. trueChart reduces the time it takes for … Continued

HighCoordination at the “AI in Action”

We were partners at the “AI in ACTION” Qlik Analytics Tour, in Athens. Ralph Ginzinger presented trueChart: our scalable, cross-platform Business Intelligence tool that allows optimized visualization of data in individual dashboards in accordance with International Business Communication Standards.

VisionXFuture Review

VisionXFuture 2019 was our first one-day special interest conference for decision-makers, and designed to provide key insights in the fields of BI, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, AI and Management Information Design. It was all about digitalization of the value chain and smart data, facing the upcoming mega trends. We are glad that we had outstanding … Continued


It was a pleasure meeting a lot of people at the Qlik Qonnections event last week. We are very thankful for all the great feedback on our TED-certified trueChart and our QlikSense menubar software. As we celebrate the TED certification of our Qlik Sense menubar, our entry into the Qlik Global Technology Partner Program, and … Continued

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